Vlog #7 | The Chocolate Game

Episode number 7 of my Video Blog where I play "The Chocolate Game" and talk briefly about my new forthcoming limited edition book called "100".


Limited Edition “100″ Book Announced

An announcement regarding a brand new limited edition premium case wrapped hard copy bumper compilation book, with only one hundred copies to be released. Also, a further announcement on how you can win a free copy on Facebook.

A Tail of Forklure kicks-off

Following three months of extensive writing, scrapping, re-writing, work-shopping, scrapping then re-writing again, my brand new fantasy spoof A Tail of Forklure finally kicked off with its first cast rehearsal last night care of The Fringe Files. Here's a little time lapse video for giggles.

Vlog #6 | Procrastination’s a Bitch!

I decided to randomly film my journey home and may have gone a bit over board. Here's ep. #6 of my Video Blog. If you'd like to ask me a theatre related question for my next VLOG ep. please do drop me a message on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or even through my Contact page.


The struggles of writing a Stageplay!

It happens to us all, this overwhelming sense of “holy cow” as your self-imposed deadline approaches, self-imposed in the sense that you know you’ll do bugger all unless you actually force yourself. Does that make me a lazy writer?

Vlog #5 | Workshops & FAQs

Hello! Here's episode #5 of my VLOG post. I'm going to develop this video blogging thing and start introducing a bit of fun and interaction. If you'd like to ask me a question for my next VLOG episode (ideally about writing for theatre) please do drop me a message on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or even through my Contact page.

Vlog #4 | Stuff going dawwwwwnn

What?! You said something? Oh, I thought I heard you say something. Ah well don't worry then. Here's my latest VLOG post whilst you're here. I look sweaty but I'm not, I've just washed my hair.


Playscript Database goes live!

I'm super happy to announce the re-vamp of my Playscripts page with the launch of a brand new purpose built searchable database, complete with filtering. This will allow visitors to search scripts by number of characters (male / female / non-specific) and also by runtime. This database is something I've been developing behind the scenes for some time. Why not take a look.