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Please do familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of use. A copy of the below is also provided at the front of every script print.


This play (the "Play") is fully protected under the copyright laws of the United Kingdom and all countries with which the United Kingdom has reciprocal copyright regulations, whether through bilateral or multilateral treaties or otherwise.


All rights to this Play are strictly reserved, including, without limitation, professional and amateur stage performance rights, motion picture, recitation, lecturing, public reading, radio broadcasting, television, video, and sound recording rights; rights to all other forms of mechanical or electronic reproduction now known or yet to be invented, such as CD-ROM, CD-I, DVD, MP3, Digital Download, photocopying, and information storage and retrieval systems; and the rights of translation into non-English languages.


Amateur and stock performance rights to this Play are controlled exclusively by the author. No amateur or stock production groups or individuals may perform this Play without obtaining advance written permission from the author. Required royalty fees for performing this Play are specified online at the authors website. There is a dedicated licensing page. Such royalty fees may be subject to change without notice. Although this print may have been obtained for a particular licensed performance, such performance rights, if any, are not transferable. Required royalties must be paid every time the Play is performed before any audience, whether or not it is presented for profit and whether or not admission is charged. All licensing requests and inquiries concerning amateur and stock performance rights should be addressed to the author. Inquiries concerning all other rights should be addressed to the author, as well; such inquiries will be communicated to the author directly, as applicable.


There shall be no deletions, alterations, or changes of any kind made to the Play, including the changing of character gender, the cutting of dialogue, the cutting of music, or the alteration of objectionable language, unless directly authorised by the author. The title of the Play shall not be altered.


Any individual or group receiving permission to produce this Play is required to give credit to the author as the sole and exclusive author of the Play. This obligation applies to the title page of every program distributed in connection with performances of the Play, and in any instance that the title of the Play appears for purposes of advertising, publicising, or otherwise exploiting the Play and/or a production thereof. The name of the author must appear on a separate line, in which no other name appears, immediately beneath the title and of a font size at least 50% as large as the largest letter used in the title of the Play. No person, firm, or entity may receive credit larger or more prominent than that according the author. The name of the author may not be abbreviated or otherwise altered from the form in which it appears in this Play.


Any unauthorised copying of this print or excerpts from this print is strictly forbidden by law. Except as otherwise permitted by applicable law, no part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, by any means now known or yet to be invented, including, without limitation, photocopying or scanning, without prior permission from the author.


This Play may include references to brand names and trademarks owned by third parties, and may include references to public figures. The author is not necessarily affiliated with these public figures, or with the owners of such trademarks and brand names. Such references are included solely for parody, political comment, or other permitted purposes.


This Play may contain directions calling for the performance of a portion, or all, of a musical work not included in the Play's score, or performance of a sound recording of such a musical work. The author has not obtained permissions to perform such works. The producer of this Play is advised to obtain such permissions, if required in the context of the production.


  • Do NOT perform this Play without obtaining prior permission from the author, and without paying the required royalty.
  • Do NOT photocopy, scan, or otherwise duplicate any part of this print.
  • Do NOT alter the text of the Play, change a character's gender, delete any dialogue, cut any music, or alter any objectionable language, unless explicitly authorised by the author.
  • DO provide the required credit the the author and the required attribution in all programs and promotional literature associated with any performance of this Play.


This Play is protected by United Kingdom and international copyright law. These laws ensure that authors are rewarded for creating new and vital dramatic work, and protect them against theft and abuse of their work.

A play is a piece of property, fully owned by the author, just like a house or car. You must obtain permission to use this property, and must pay a royalty fee for the privilege - whether or not you charge an admission fee.

Anyone who violates this copyright is liable as a copyright infringer under United Kingdom and international law. The author is entitled to institute legal action for any such infringement, which can subject the infringer to actual damages, statutory damages, and legal fees. A court may impose statutory damages of up to £100,000 for willful copyright infringements. U.K copyright law also provides for possible criminal sanctions.

Last updated: 25 Feb 2019