CAST Rehearsal #1 – Z is for Zombie

So here’s the deal. My role as playwright is now finished. The script is complete. I am now the director for Colnbrook Amateur Stage Theatre‘s production of Z is for Zombie.

The recently assembled cast gathered at base excitedly for our first rehearsal on the evening of Monday the 13th of January, 2014. This was the first time #teamzombie had been together as one. The rehearsal session was immediately split into two halves. A briefing and a full script read through. The briefing focused on character development, Q&A, plot foundations and a more generalised outward discussion. The second half was the read-through itself, which was recorded for back reference.

This is the thing, we only have seven rehearsals to get this production ticking over before we represent at the 2014 Maidenhead Drama Festival. The festival is there for us to present “a new work in development”. We aim to get it right first time, of course, but the true value is what we can take away from the experience, what we learn and incorporate for the main show run at the beginning of April.

Can we put out a fully functional show in just seven weeks? Yes, absolutely, but every second is crucial from now until the festival event, the cast are more than ready / able for the challenge ahead. I think I’ll be quite honest in this blog. Honesty is a good thing. The read-through was okay, it was acceptable. It was essentially how a read-through would averagely be, for an average show, on an average day. Did I take much from the read-through, yes, enough notes to fill a few pages of an A4 notepad. That represents a good rehearsal and a great start to a potentially brilliant show. The audio recordings were released this morning, much of the documents have been submitted / distributed for the show and a dedicated web space has been created for the cast to share documents. I think we’re ready to crack on from here, and I am very much looking forward to seeing how well the cast have progressed with their lines come Thursday 23rd January, when we re-group for rehearsal #2.

This production is one half of a double bill, produced by Colnbrook Amateur Stage Theatre. You can follow them on Facebook or Twitter. Gemma Parkyn is the writer / director of the sister play and you can follow her production blog here.