Capturing the Spirit could literally Make or Break me!

It's been a while since I last pushed out an update on here. I'm still alive. I've spent the last couple of years hiding from the world, locked away in a cave, not because I've run out of ideas, or hit a brick wall, no, it's more because my life has recently played out like some form of absurd comedy farce which, in turn, has made it quite difficult for me to actually physically sit down and dedicate time to things.

No, that's a lie, I lost my appetite for stage writing. I actually lost my drive to continue.

Almost two years since I last produced a new stage play. My touring company, The Fringe Files, has found itself circling in a holding pattern ever since.

The good news is that, to a degree, I'm back! I've been working on my latest play, The Spirit of Krud, and it's possibly the most important project I've undertaken. Ever!

I'm trying really hard to make it good, like, really good, because for me, this play represents a defining moment. It's the "difficult second album" to my Cosmic Capsules science fiction play series and a return to writing in general. I wasn't particularly happy with my previous project and so I really am hoping to return to form on this one.

I suppose this is a quick shout out to let people know that I am still writing. There will be a new show in the Spring of 2020 and then beyond this... Who knows?